Robin Hood 2018 – film review

In da hood

Some Robin Hoods try to dabble with historical truth. Others – think Kevin Costner’s – less so. Anyway, Robin is sent a draft letter for the crusades, joins up and is immediately put into Seal Team 6, who use long-bows as close quarter weapons and are able to rely on massed artillery – albeit stony – at the call of a fiery arrow.

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Hurricane – film review

Poles in Planes

Hurricane is the story of the first Polish squadron to be formed at the start of World War II to fight the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) is joined by good-time girl Jane Tennyson (Prime Suspect 1973 vintage) and Mel Gibson’s son. The boys first fight for their right to join up and then to fight off the Bosch and blonde Jane fights to take as much cock as is humanly possible citing the war as a great excuse to be a slut.

It’s an enjoyably effective take on this part of the war with some great aerial footage, believable acting and some degree of emotional depth. I watched it on Netflix UK.

Verkligheten by Soilwork – album

Hitting the sweet spot

Sometimes they sound like Europe – albeit with a slight throat injury to the singer – at others Carcass. Often at the same time. It’s a glorious noise and when it hits the sweet spot – which it does often – extremely pleasing and effective.

The title apparently means “Reality”

Killing is my Business – Final Kill – Megadeth Review

Megadeth - Killing

Most re-mastered and re-mixed albums are an evolutionary update on the original sound bringing it up to date with modern mastering methods. They might tweak the mixes of the original tapes/digital tracks a little to suit the taste of the engineer or artist involved. Rarely are they revolutionary, entirely enhancing the aural experience while keeping a sense of the original source material intact. Continue reading “Killing is my Business – Final Kill – Megadeth Review”

Ministry – AmeriKKKant – review

ministry amerikkkant

“So, just the other day I made this album with NWO and Just One Fix and shit on it, I’m hoping one track might do real well on MTV called “Jesus Built My Hotrod’ then I woke up with a mild headache and my beard had gone grey. Somehow 25 years had gone by, it was all a blur. I hope nothing bad happened, you know.

And then I turned on the news….”

Al’s back, and he’s really, really pissed off with the state of AmeriKKKa in general and a certain be-wigged president in particular. Whether AmerKKKa is ready for Ministry is another question – but were they ever? Like everything they’ve ever done this is not an album for the aurally squeamish.

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Review: The Horse and Other Weird Tales by Jess and the Ancient Ones

The Horse album cover - review

Wish I could say I was in here at the start about 5 years ago but I have to admit this is a new one for me. A song “Anyway the Mind Flows” appeared on my Spotify Release radar, I liked the title (any way the window blows, do you see?) and listened. Then I listened to the Finnish band’s whole album (of which Anyway… is the final track) and their whole back catalogue. More of that another time though (It’s very good) this is a review of their latest, The Horse and Other Weird Tales. Continue reading “Review: The Horse and Other Weird Tales by Jess and the Ancient Ones”

Music Review – The Visitor by Neil Young and the Promise of the Real

Neil Young The Visitor album cover

The remarkable output of the 72 year old rock/country grandee Neil Young continues unabated. This, his 39th studio album comes just a few months after organising the release of his Hitchhiker LP (recorded in 1976) and a bare year after the release of Peace Trail. It sees him continue to collaborate with Willy Nelson’s sons, Micah and the band fronted by Lukas Nelson, Promise of the Real. Continue reading “Music Review – The Visitor by Neil Young and the Promise of the Real”