Ministry – AmeriKKKant – review

ministry amerikkkant

“So, just the other day I made this album with NWO and Just One Fix and shit on it, I’m hoping one track might do real well on MTV called “Jesus Built My Hotrod’ then I woke up with a mild headache and my beard had gone grey. Somehow 25 years had gone by, it was all a blur. I hope nothing bad happened, you know.

And then I turned on the news….”

Al’s back, and he’s really, really pissed off with the state of AmeriKKKa in general and a certain be-wigged president in particular. Whether AmerKKKa is ready for Ministry is another question – but were they ever? Like everything they’ve ever done this is not an album for the aurally squeamish.

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Review – Queen EP by King 810

Queen EP King 810

If you love King 810 for their extraordinarily effective violent output alone then give this one a miss. This is an EP full of ballads with David Gunn’s voice at the forefront, backed by brass ensembles, low key piano and delicate muted drum work. It seems from the content that Mr Gunn’s heart has recently been broken – I think of the whole thing like a sequel to the gorgeous duet Bad Man they released a couple of years ago. Continue reading “Review – Queen EP by King 810”

Review: The Horse and Other Weird Tales by Jess and the Ancient Ones

The Horse album cover - review

Wish I could say I was in here at the start about 5 years ago but I have to admit this is a new one for me. A song “Anyway the Mind Flows” appeared on my Spotify Release radar, I liked the title (any way the window blows, do you see?) and listened. Then I listened to the Finnish band’s whole album (of which Anyway… is the final track) and their whole back catalogue. More of that another time though (It’s very good) this is a review of their latest, The Horse and Other Weird Tales. Continue reading “Review: The Horse and Other Weird Tales by Jess and the Ancient Ones”