Smells Funny by the Hedvig Mollestad Trio

Hard rock hallelujah infused with jazz.

In the long history of Scandinavians not giving a fuck about being commercial Norwegian Hedwig Mollestad Thomassen can hold her head up high. Smells Funny is a quite delightful album of experimental hard rock / blues instrumentals that often takes off into wild flights of jazz fantasy.

This is music at it’s rawest, played by three maestros at the top of their game. Can be listened to directly or used as the soundtrack to your life, it’s travelling music where the purpose is the journey not the destination. Absolutely beautiful.

Verkligheten by Soilwork – album

Hitting the sweet spot

Sometimes they sound like Europe – albeit with a slight throat injury to the singer – at others Carcass. Often at the same time. It’s a glorious noise and when it hits the sweet spot – which it does often – extremely pleasing and effective.

The title apparently means “Reality”

The Expanse – TV Series

Classy sci-fi set in 200 years time

Just finished the third series of The Expanse – classy (and classic) sci-fi set in our Solar system some 200 years in the future. Extremely watchable with an exceptionally strong story, decent effects and a modicum of extremely gory scenes. Eagerly awaiting the 4th series after the series was cancelled by SyFy and renewed by Amazon Prime.

Not available in the UK on any streaming service and with patchy availability around the World you’ll have to source this one yourself. Hopefully Amazon will sort it out now they own the series and start streaming it as the licences become available.

High As Hope – Florence and the Machine – Review

High as Hope

Perhaps surprisingly to some, I’ve always had a thing for female fronted pop-rock bands. I used to like Lily Allen’s music until the last couple of albums turned into dirges interspersed with rubbish rapping and other urban crap. Florence and the Machine though have always stuck to their roots and their new album High as Hope is thankfully no different. Continue reading “High As Hope – Florence and the Machine – Review”

Killing is my Business – Final Kill – Megadeth Review

Megadeth - Killing

Most re-mastered and re-mixed albums are an evolutionary update on the original sound bringing it up to date with modern mastering methods. They might tweak the mixes of the original tapes/digital tracks a little to suit the taste of the engineer or artist involved. Rarely are they revolutionary, entirely enhancing the aural experience while keeping a sense of the original source material intact. Continue reading “Killing is my Business – Final Kill – Megadeth Review”

Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland (Live) – Review

Anthrax Kings Among Scotland

One of the four original thrash titans, this live album provides adequate proof that Anthrax have not lost it. They still sound fresh and vital, as sonically dense and intense as they ever did. Original singer, Joey Belladonna, may look odd as fuck these days but can still hit the heights of his vocal range across the platter of Anthrax old and new offered up here from their recent gig in Glasgow.   Continue reading “Anthrax – Kings Among Scotland (Live) – Review”