Robin Hood 2018 – film review

In da hood

Some Robin Hoods try to dabble with historical truth. Others – think Kevin Costner’s – less so. Anyway, Robin is sent a draft letter for the crusades, joins up and is immediately put into Seal Team 6, who use long-bows as close quarter weapons and are able to rely on massed artillery – albeit stony – at the call of a fiery arrow.

After some middle-eastern unpleasantness “Rob” is back in England and enrolled as a social justice warrior in an underground war against Nigel Farage. Nigel, or the Sheriff of Nottingham, is warning of the dangers of Moorish hordes sacking Nottingham the ‘banking heart of the crusades’ – depicted as a vast metropolis along the lines of a Mordor slave city.

These anachronisms don’t necessarily spoil a good Robin Hood. I’d argue that Costner’s survived it and we ended up with a more than decent adventure film. But although exceptions were taken you got the idea that the writers did at least know the original story and understood the society and history they were playing with.

With Robin Hood 2018 I don’t get that feeling. It has the smell of being written by committee of people who neither know nor see the value in history. It lacks soul and finesse and continually tries to crow-bar modern day progressive politics into the tale.

This is the story of Robin for the Twilight generation. This is not a good thing.

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