The Colony – Film Review

Sometimes I’m going to do rather brief reviews just to give my quick impression of various things I’ve watched or listened to. This, about the 2013 Jeff Renfroe film The Colony, is one of them. I watched it on Netflix and it is also available on Amazon Prime (both the UK variants). Apart from the general set-up I’ll try to avoid any spoilers.

The Colony is a film set in a near-future dystopia where the weather has gone haywire and taken the Earth into a deep ice age. The few survivors are concentrated in small outposts and life is a constant struggle to survive. Colony Seven is where Laurence Fishburne, Bill Paxton and Kevin Zegers find themselves until an emergency message from afar leads them into further adventure.


It’s 90 uncomplicated minutes of action and violence with a vaguely Alien(s) vibe (don’t read too much into that, it’s more how it looks rather than anything plot related). Fishburne and Paxton turn in decent performances in supporting roles that don’t really stretch either. Zegers is the main actor who does a reasonable job with a fairly standard script and performs well in the action sequences.

It’s a good watch, fairly tense in places, very bloody with a decent plot. I was particularly impressed with the sets, both inside and particularly outside that show what you can do these days without a vast budget. If you find yourself at a loose end sometime you could do far worse than spend an hour and a half with The Colony.


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