Ministry – AmeriKKKant – review

“So, just the other day I made this album with NWO and Just One Fix and shit on it, I’m hoping one track might do real well on MTV called “Jesus Built My Hotrod’ then I woke up with a mild headache and my beard had gone grey. Somehow 25 years had gone by, it was all a blur. I hope nothing bad happened, you know.

And then I turned on the news….”

Al’s back, and he’s really, really pissed off with the state of AmeriKKKa in general and a certain be-wigged president in particular. Whether AmerKKKa is ready for Ministry is another question – but were they ever? Like everything they’ve ever done this is not an album for the aurally squeamish.

Rejection of Reality Cuts Through Like a Knife

Thematically we have songs about how Donald Trump is a cunt, the media are cunts, war is for cunts, Nazis are cunts and how Donald Trump is a cunt and a Nazi. If you are one of those cunts then you won’t like this album, and I’m glad, you don’t deserve to. Al Joursengen’s pitched his flag firmly in the Antifa camp and has written a song about them, a recent single from the album and one of the most effective songs on it.

Densely layered samples, thundering bass, fucked-up (in a good way) drum programming, occasional psychotic guitars, scratching, repeated vocal snippets taken from the media and angry-as-hell vocals are all here. It’s perhaps more like older, slower Ministry than more recent guitar/metal releases but that’s no bad thing. It’s certainly more considered, more intelligent and more pointed.

Like many of my favourite albums the whole thing flows from song to song – often with no clear division – creating an aural soundscape that you can surf along to. Familiar samples crop up, a riff from Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks is particularly effective in Twilight Zone. Bits of thrash guitar are thrown in. Burton C Bell from Fear Factory is Burton C Bell from Fear Factory. And then it’s all over. In a slightly measly 48 minutes.

We’re Not Snowflakes

But if you’re like me you’ll immediately want to play it again. And again. Knowing there’s more to pick through and enjoy in every listen; the hallmark of every truly great album I know. Honestly I think this thing might be a true masterpiece. At the very least Antifa now have their own theme song. If only they could stop being such violent cunts I might join.


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