Nazi Pug – Comedians at War

Fall out over the Nazi Pug case continues and much of the focus is on Twitter where various comedians argue mainly on behalf of the defendant Mark Meechan. They include Ricky Gervais, David Baddiel, Stephen Fry and Jonathan Pie.

This Youtube video (NSFW) by satirical entity Jonathan Pie  presents the case for the defence perfectly.

One well-known dissenter is comedy writer Graham Linner (@glinner) who has attacked Pie for his gullibility in “not realising” Mark Meechan is an “Alt-right shitposter” and claiming the context for the Nazi pug joke is that it was in some way inspired by the Daily Stormer/Alt-right handbook reported on by the Huffington Post here.

An Idiotic Response

After @glinner’s idiotic response to GamerGate which was entirely based on the Alt-right’s manipulation of the situation with no regard to the actual point of the protest (which was the corruption in the games press) I’m less convinced by his case than I could be. All the evidence I’ve seen is a still of Mark Meechan sitting in front of a Pepe meme (an Alt-right icon) and the fact he spoke to Tommy Robinson about the Nazi Pug case.

Perhaps there is more to come out along these lines but for the moment I’m unconvinced that the case is anything more than a man teaching his girlfriend’s insufferably cute dog to do something nasty to make her pissed off and us laugh. There is also the question of whether Meechan’s politics have any relevance – it’s really difficult to believe he intended to stir up hatred of the Jews in this way which as Pie points out, involved mocking Nazis.

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