Women – our Equals

I write this on International Women’s Day 2018 and those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I often take a critical view of such things. But do not get me wrong, I do not believe women to be inferior to men. Instead, I believe that they are paid a disservice by those who seek to represent them and this is the source of my regular protests.

Women should enjoy equal rights to men. This is generally true in most Western countries and many others but is not true in many places. This is a travesty. Where they lack basic rights and are treated as little more than slaves this must be fought. We should do all we can in this fight to ensure their equal rights across the world. And to raise the basic human rights of both sexes in places where those are lacking, after all those places which treat women badly also tend to treat men badly as well.

The equality in rights should be extended to all across the world. And in it we should enshrine the fact that we are equal but different. That has to be at the core of it because it is so easy to prove: women are generally physically weaker than men, they cannot run as fast, our minds work differently, women are closer to the average mean in intelligence and men have more savants yet also more simpletons. These are the facts. If you seek to deny them you give our opponents a wedge to drive into our argument that equal rights should be given to all.

Third Wave Feminists

It is my contention that women are championed poorly by the current feminist movement (also known as third wave feminism). It seems to me that they seek more rights for women than men. They want their cake and to eat it. They expect equal pay for women despite women making different choices to men. They want women defended for what they perceive as their weakness by the provision of safe spaces and “trigger warnings”. This is not equality.

Worse, they seek to deny those who speak out against them a platform. Only this week they have focused on Christina Hoff Sommers, labelling her a Men’s Rights Activist and a fascist for her factual analysis of the situation. Misinformation has been used by various Antifa groups to get her lectures shouted down by various so-called left wing groups. This is not equality.

Lies, censorship, threats and uncivil protest are the traditional way of the fascist. People using these tactics are not the women’s champion, ultimately they are her enemy, weakening the case for her equal rights and inviting an intolerant response by those who do not wish to give her those rights.

Fight for true equality across the world. Let your guiding principles be fact and rational reasoning. Let your weaponry be argument, debate and good humour. Never let fear and lies threaten the simple principle: Women deserve equality.

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