Review – Queen EP by King 810


If you love King 810 for their extraordinarily effective violent output alone then give this one a miss. This is an EP full of ballads with David Gunn’s voice at the forefront, backed by brass ensembles, low key piano and delicate muted drum work. It seems from the content that Mr Gunn’s heart has recently been broken – I think of the whole thing like a sequel to the gorgeous duet Bad Man they released a couple of years ago.

Bad Man

Whereas that was a story of young love, this is a tale of the aftermath – heartbreak, self-loathing and regret run throughout the powerful, thoughtful lyrics. The one thing the EP doesn’t have that the Bad Man track did is a female singer – I think this is a shame as a female response to the lyrical content could have blasted this into true classic territory.

The whole thing is a beautiful EP which will alienate some fans and be loved by others more tolerant to other forms of music. The one thing you can always expect from King 810 is the unexpected and that is one thing I love about them.


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