Disability rights meet a grade A cunt.


A summary

So this woman takes her children to see Little Mix, she’s deaf (which given the ‘band’ might be seen as a blessing), she demands an interpreter, threatens court, the organisers relent, the concert happens, the woman moans the support acts have no interpreter and takes the organisers to court.

I’m disabled myself, rather more so than the deaf woman. But I don’t agree that the whole of society should have to bend to my will. Some things like doctors, courts, chemists, council offices should, of course. Others are completely unnecessary and a burden on society to provide that is unfair on the providers and by extension people’s wallets.

Musical prostitutes

The provision of sign language interpreters at a pop concert is definitely in the latter category. A blind man may as well demand the right to drive and take the DVLC to court when they deny them a licence. Yet the woman got to ‘read’ the inspirational text of the musical prostitutes and still keeps complaining.

Words fail me. The self-entitlement of people – and remember this isn’t even a teenage Tumblr queen – has grown beyond preposterous. Clearly a grade A cunt who just wants to cause trouble on behalf of her favourite minority group – which of course includes herself.

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