Houdini How-To: Randomise Geometry

Please note my blogs aren’t meant to be read in any particular order. Obviously the ones with Fundamentals in the title are aimed more at the beginner and the others will be more focussed on more complicated topics that require some knowledge beforehand. The How-To topics are of the latter type and take a single problem I’ve faced in Houdini and show my solution to them.

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Houdini Fundamentals: Parameters overview

In Houdini anything you can change in a node’s parameters pane counts as a parameter. Pretty self-evident. So how complex can this be? Why does it need any explanation at all? You change the Universal scale on a box or sphere and the size changes. You change the colour with a Color node and the colour changes. Indeed, if everything is static in your scene and you don’t mind placing objects by hand then you can move on.

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Robin Hood 2018 – film review

In da hood


Some Robin Hoods try to dabble with historical truth. Others – think Kevin Costner’s – less so. Anyway, Robin is sent a draft letter for the crusades, joins up and is immediately put into Seal Team 6, who use long-bows as close quarter weapons and are able to rely on massed artillery – albeit stony – at the call of a fiery arrow.

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Overlord – film review

The Horror of War?


This film doesn’t know what it wants to be. On one side it’s a fairly decent though low budget war film, on the other it’s a pretty crap horror flick. It concerns a squad of soldiers in 101st airborne given a mission to destroy something or other on a church on the morning before the Normandy landings on D-Day. Unfortunately the Nazis are developing some kind of ‘serum’, made from something or other on the site which turns people into – now don’t be shocked here – zombies.

So that’s the set up. From there you expect a big fight between the soldiers and hordes of the undead – only it doesn’t happen. It almost seems ashamed to veer away from being a straight war film and to be honest it’s a shame it did. I’d avoid this one unless you’re really into war films and really really bored.

Hurricane – film review

Poles in Planes


Hurricane is the story of the first Polish squadron to be formed at the start of World War II to fight the Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) is joined by good-time girl Jane Tennyson (Prime Suspect 1973 vintage) and Mel Gibson’s son. The boys first fight for their right to join up and then to fight off the Bosch and blonde Jane fights to take as much cock as is humanly possible citing the war as a great excuse to be a slut.

It’s an enjoyably effective take on this part of the war with some great aerial footage, believable acting and some degree of emotional depth. I watched it on Netflix UK.